Handbook of Aircraft Accident Notification, Investigation and Reporting


This revision (rev. 2) of Aircraft Notification, Investigation and Reporting Handbook under ODG Order AAIU 90 / 04. 

This Order should be read in conjunction with Policy and Procedure manual (Arabic Language) of Aircraft Accident Investigation.


All Orders, advisory circulars and JCAA publications related to aircraft accident and incident notification, investigation and reporting, other than AAIU advisory circulars which their numbers refer to JCAR Part 2201, are hereby canceled.

ODG Order AAIU 90 / 04 Revision Number (2) to be effective since March 10th 2007.


All concerned parties shall comply with all requirements and procedures indicated above.


Capt. Suleiman Obeidat

Director General

Civil Aviation Authority



In 1947, State of Jordan had joined Chicago Convention of International Civil Aviation, thus, the State was obliged to comply with its articles and tried its best to conform to the Standard and Recommended Practices of the Convention Annexes. But, many conditions caused many obstructions to fulfill the sought compliance.


Following a series of accidents to Jordanian registered aircraft, the Jordanian Government realized the importance of establishing a specific legislation which led to the issuing of the Civil Aviation Law in 1980 which was re-issued in 1985 under the number 50, the duties of local authorities and the power of Civil Aviation Authorities when investigating Aircraft Accidents / Incidents.


Had requested some of the foreign experts to issue the relevant Flight Safety and Aircraft Accident Investigation Civil Aviation Regulations. Those regulations were re-issued by a Federal Aviation Administration team who, in addition, prepared many manuals including Aircraft Accident Investigation Manual.


In 1999, the Director General Civil Aviation established the Accident Investigation Unit. The Unit was instructed to re-issue this manual in order to be used as a reference by the investigators.


First edition of this manual was issued on April 6th, 2000 and Revision 1 was issued on August 1st , 2000.



Chapter 1 - General  
1-1 Purpose  
1-2 Distribution  
1-3 Cancellation  
1-4 References  
1-5 General  
1-6 Definitions  
1-7 Forms and reports  
1-8 Authority to change this Order  
Chapter 2 — Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit/Policy  
2-1 Objective  
2-2 Intermediate Goals  
2-3 Duties and responsibilities  
Chapter 3 — Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit Management  
3-1 Investigator qualification  
3-2 Experience  
3-3 Qualities of investigators  
3-4 Required staff  
3-5 National team / Jordan  
3-6 Investigation documents  
3-7 Management  
3-8 Meeting with flight safety directorate  
3-9 Training  
Chapter 4-Responsibility of Elements  
4-1 Elements  
Chapter 5-Air Traffic and Other Initial Notification  
5-1 Notification between FSD and AAIU  
5-2 Air traffic, aircraft accident and incident notification and reporting  
5-3 Air traffic incident notification and reporting  
5-4 Aircraft operator notification  
5-5 Notification from airport ground operation  
5-6 Notification about accident / incident by any law enforcement party  
5-7 Other notification sources  
5-8 Notification about international accident or  incident occurring in Jordan  
Chapter 6-Accident Investigation  
6-1 Accident / incident investigation coordination  
6-2 AAIU committee of investigation including one or more members from  SDs  
6-3 Director AAIU primary action  
6-4 On scene actions  
6-5 Accident scene accesses  
6-6 Organization and conduct of the field investigation  
6-7 Investigation tools  
6-8 Investigator´s safety  
6-9 Thorough data collection sources  
6-10 Thorough investigation and analysis  
6-11 Registration certificates  
6-12 Design deficiencies  
6-13 Release of aircraft wreckage / FDR & CVR  
6-15 Procedures covering the investigation of international accident / incident involving Jordanian registered or operator aircraft or Jordanian fatalities and/or serious injuries  
6-16 Accident of Jordanian registered or operator aircraft in non-contacting State or in internationals areas  
Chapter 7-Report Writing  
7-1 General  
7-2 Preliminary report  
7-3 Accident / incident data report  
7-4 Final report  
Chapter 8-Flight Recorder Read-Out and Analysis  
8-1 Initial response  
8-2 Choice of facility  
8-3 Participation by the State of manufacture (or design) and the State of the operator  
8-4 Recommended procedures  
Chapter 9-Accident Investigation Records  
9-1 Opening the record  
9-2 Records  
Chapter 10-Family Assistant Procedures  
10-1 General  
10-2 Duties and responsibilities of AAIU  
10-4 Duties and responsibilities of airlines and commercial operators  
10-5 Duties and responsibilities of general aviation  
10-6 Duties and responsibilities of voluntary body  
Chapter 11 - Public Release of Accident and Incident Information  
11-1 Public release  
11-2 Public hearing  
11-3 Legal proceedings  
Chapter 12 - Aircraft Accident/Incident Prevention  
12-1 General   
Appendix 1 — List of abbreviations  
Appendix 2 — Forms list  
Form 31-1   
Form 31-2  
Form 31-3  
Form 31-4  
Form 31-5  
Form 31-6  
Form 31-7  
Form 31-8  
Form 31-9  
Form 31-10  
Form 31-11  
Form 31-12  
Form 31-13  
Form 31-14  
Form 31-15  
Form 31-16  
Form 31-17  
Form 31-18  
Form 31-19  
Form 31-19D  
Appendix 3 — Guide / How to fill the forms App.3-1
Filling in CAA/AAIU Form 31-9 App.3-1
Filling in CAA/AAIU Form 31-9D App.3-11
Appendix 4 — AAIU investigators’ addressee App.4-1
Appendix 5 — AAIU organizational structure App.5-1