Flight Crew Licenses Validation - ICAO Contracting State


       Flight Crew Licenses Conversion - ICAO Contracting State


       Flight Crew Licenses Issuance for Jordan Armed Forces


       Foreign Aviation Training Organizations (ATO) Approval for License and Rating Issue


       Ground Instructors Authorizations


       Flight Dispatchers Training Approval


       Theoretical Knowledge Examinations Rules and Procedures


  • AC - 28 - 04 - 009. Reserved

       Ratings Revalidation and Renewal


       ELPAC Initial Approval Certification Process and Procedure


       Guidance of Applicants Taking Helicopter Instructor (FI/TRI/IRI) Skill Tests


       Upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT).


       Guidance for distance learning rules and procedures at an (ATO) Approved Training Organizations (FTO & TRTO Modular  Courses)