Mission : Airworthiness certification and oversight of civil aircraft operations in accordance with national Airworthiness Standards and Regulations.
Airworthiness Directorate ensures that the initial and continued airworthiness of all aircraft registered in Jordan are maintained in accordance with the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulations JCARs Parts 21,CSs, 47, M, 145, 66 &147, and ensures the set standard of aircraft and components maintenance is provided by the aircraft maintenance organizations maintaining Jordan registered aircraft based in and outside Jordan.
The Airworthiness Directorate consists of 2 divisions:
Aircraft registrations/certifications and Continuing Airworthiness management Organization.        
Approved Maintenance Organizations and Maintenance Training Organizations. 
The following services summarize the major responsibilities of Airworthiness directorate:
Ensuring that each aircraft under the safety oversight of CARC: - has a valid type certificate, - produced under a valid production approval, - conforms in all respects with the type design, - has been issued an airworthiness certificate, and - maintained in an airworthy condition throughout its service life
Certification and Oversight of organizations required to ensure airworthy products, parts and appliances. CAMO, AMO and MTO.
Registering civil aircraft and maintaining the register.
Issuing/Renewing airworthiness certificate.
Approving modifications and repairs.
Evaluating Aircraft eligibility for Special Operation Approvals.
Ensuring Competencies of technical personnel involved in aviation activities.
Investigating unsafe conditions in cooperation with related organizations to determine appropriate corrective actions.
Employing surveillance system over CARC approved organizations, technical personnel and registered/operated aircraft in order to ensure their continuing compliance with the applicable airworthiness regulations and standards.
Answering industry and other CARC department’s queries regarding airworthiness and safety issues.
Contact Information
P.O Box 7547
Amman-11110  Jordan
Fax: +962 6 4874710
Phone: +962 6 4799120
Email: Bilal.Nazzal@CARC.GOV.JO