Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP) Copyright Procedure

1- Name of Publishing Authority

The Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP) of Jordan is published by the Authority of Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

2- Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP)

The following Jordanian Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP)online publications:

  1. AIP
  2. AIP Supplement
  3. AIC
  5. List of Valid NOTAM

3- Copyright Law

3.1 Any material and publications of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Publications provided by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission are protected by copyright, in accordance with the Jordanian copyright law No. 22 year 1992 and its amendments.

3.2 It particularly concerns any elements of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP), if not specified otherwise, AIS Publication may be used as downloads, displays, or print-out (is an unchanged form) for information purposes only.

3.3 Information purposes acquisition system include operational use, no part of AIS Publications shall be produced, stored in an information acquisition system, forwarded, redistributed, republished or used for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

3.4 Any other information that has been granted copyright protection originating from another state and provided to a third party is appropriately annotated and the third party is made aware that the product is copyright protected.

3.5 Copyright policy

Jordan Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP) is copyright protected. No part of these publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing from the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission of Jordan.

4- Applicable ICAO Documents

The AIP is prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) of Annex 15 to the convention on International Civil Aviation and the ICAO Aeronautical Information Services Manual (DOC 8126).

Charts contained in the AIP are produced in accordance with Annex 4 to the convention on International Civil Aviation and the ICAO aeronautical chart manual (DOC8697).

Differences from ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures are given in subsection GEN 1.7.

5- The AIP structure and established regular and AIRAC amendment

5.1 The AIP structure

The AIP is made up of three Parts, General (GEN), En-route (ENR) and Aerodrome (AD), each divided into sections and subsections as applicable, containing various types of information subjects.

5.1.1 Part 1 - General (GEN)

Part 1 consists of five sections containing information as briefly described hereafter

GEN 0.


GEN 1.

-National regulations and requirements

GEN 2.

-Tables and Codes

GEN 3.


GEN 4.

-Charges for aerodromes and air navigation services









5.1.2 Part 2 - En-route (ENR)

Part 2 consists of seven sections containing information as briefly described hereafter.


ENR 0.


ENR 1.

-General rules and procedures

ENR 2.

-Air traffic services airspace

ENR 3.

-ATS routes

ENR 4.

-Radio navigation aids/systems

ENR 5.

-Navigation warnings

ENR 6.

-En-route Charts



5.1.3 Part 3 - Aerodromes (AD)

Part 3 consists of three sections containing information as briefly described hereafter.


AD 0.


AD 1.

-Aerodrome - Introduction

AD 2.

-Aerodrome - Detailed Information about Aerodromes.








5.2Regular Amendment Interval

Regular amendments to the AIP will be issued once every three months. The publication dates will be on the first day of February, May, August, and November of each year.

5.3AIRAC Amendment

AIRAC Amendments are published when needed in accordance with dates of the AIRAC cycle. These Amendments are distributed to reach subscribers at least 28 days in advance of their effective date.

6.0Service to contact in case of detected IAIP errors or omissions

In the compilation of the IAIP, care has been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and complete. Any errors or omissions which nevertheless may be detected, as well as any correspondence concerning the publications mentioned in this preface, should be referred to



Postal Address

The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan

Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission

Directorate of Air Traffic Management

Aeronautical Information Services Headquarter





Telephone Number

+962 6 4872681 and

+962 6 4892282 Ext. 3301/3525


+962 6 4891266





7.0Statutory obligations

 7.1The terms of this copyright procedure are in addition to the obligations for use of the CARC Website Privacy statement contained in the

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