The Aviation Medicine System (AMS)


Aviation medicine is well established as that branch of occupational medicine, which is concerned with human capacity to perform complex tasks in potentially hostile working environment of a worldwide civil and military aerospace industry. While aviation medicine is an applied science which embraces experimental psychology, the neurosciences and the scientific study of the special senses, clinical aviation medicine largely involves the physical, mental and psychological health of aircrew and passenger exposed to a wide range of environmental stresses.

In Jordan for the last ten years all aspects of Aviation business have expanded fast including passenger and cargo transport. This expansion has led to an increase in the demand for other aviation industry branches to support that expansion to operate safely and successfully. One of these essential services that are required is the medical service.

To keep the operation in aviation industry safe, secure and economical, the international and national Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) governed the aviation medical services by rules and regulations to suit and matches the physical, mental and psychological fitness of the staff who operate and people who use that business to the physiology of the aviation environment.

To control and monitor the rules and regulations and make the professional body and the airlines abide by them, Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission has launched an aviation medical examination, follow up and reporting system in regular basis.

The aviation medicine system (AMS)

This is part of the flight safety system of the CARC which is responsible for the safety of the aircraft, staff and passengers flying over a country’s airfield. This system include:

AMD (Aviation Medicine Department) AMEs (Aviation Medical Examiners) AMCs (Aviation Medicine Consultants) AMSC (Aviation Medicine Supreme Committee).

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DR. K. M. Khalil

Head of Aviation Medicine Deptt.

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